Mini Laptop Envelope Cover

Front side--opened

I got a new mini laptop for Christmas.  It is perfect for when I am traveling.  No more lugging around the regular (heavy) laptop.  Although I love the larger s,creen of the traditional laptop, the weight of it took its toll on my shoulder.  Now with my little toy, I wanted to keep it protected and thought I could whip up a case for it using left over prequilted scraps that I had.  No specific pattern was used.  Just experimented with the idea.  It is large enough to hold the electrical cord as well.

Here is the front side of my new quilted cover for my mini laptop.  It took me a couple of tries until I got the size I wanted.  The edges are serged.  Then I did a zigzag stitch on the edges.  To reinforce the seams, I then sewed a 1/4 inch topstitching.  The opening edging was reinforced with backstitching.       This is the finished product with the laptop in it.   And here is the sealed envelope.

Front side of cover w/ flap closed

Hope you like it.  I know I do!  Happy sewing all.


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