Hands Are Not For Hitting Quilts (Zonta Project)

I am   active member of our local Zonta Club, Zonta Club of Hilo.  The service projects we do is the promotion and building of understanding of issues regarding women.  One such project is called, “Hands Are Not For Hitting”.  Members visit local area preschools, donate a book of the same title to the preschool and conduct a read aloud of the book.  During this visit, members help students create an art project to help them remember the important message.  Using fabric paint, the youngsters place their handprints on a blank quilt foundation.  Students names are added to each print with noted examples of how hands can be used.

Since sewing is my passion, I volunteered to sew the backing on each foundation rectangle, thereby, creating a wall hanging for the preschool.  Some of our club members will return to each preschool and present them the memorial wall hanging.  Below are pictures of the first two wall hangings I assembled.

Reverse side of Quilt 1

Red teddy bear backingReverse side of Quilt #2

Reverse side of Quilt #2

  It was a rewarding experience.  I thank my Zonta sisters for the work they did in completing this project.


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