January Update on Unfinished Projects

Well, January is almost over and I guess I need to get out of the slump I’ve been in.  Dedicated the day to de-cluttering.  Now that I’ve cleaned out two closets, I’m going to spend the rest of the day knitting.  I have two needlecraft projects that need to be finished.  This one that’s a knitted scarf and then I think I’ll tackle a green and yellow crocheted afghan that I started.  Will post pics once I’m done.

Can’t wait to check off                                the projects as I complete them.  That will make me a very happy person.  In addition to be happy I guess I can add being satisfied.  My slump is evaporating.  Yippee!          I took on a sewing request from a friend.  She wanted me to sew her 15 tube holders for plastic grocery bags.  Will start that in a couple of days.

Happy crafting!

Hands Are Not For Hitting Quilts (Zonta Project)

I am   active member of our local Zonta Club, Zonta Club of Hilo.  The service projects we do is the promotion and building of understanding of issues regarding women.  One such project is called, “Hands Are Not For Hitting”.  Members visit local area preschools, donate a book of the same title to the preschool and conduct a read aloud of the book.  During this visit, members help students create an art project to help them remember the important message.  Using fabric paint, the youngsters place their handprints on a blank quilt foundation.  Students names are added to each print with noted examples of how hands can be used.

Since sewing is my passion, I volunteered to sew the backing on each foundation rectangle, thereby, creating a wall hanging for the preschool.  Some of our club members will return to each preschool and present them the memorial wall hanging.  Below are pictures of the first two wall hangings I assembled.

Reverse side of Quilt 1

Red teddy bear backingReverse side of Quilt #2

Reverse side of Quilt #2

  It was a rewarding experience.  I thank my Zonta sisters for the work they did in completing this project.

Mini Laptop Envelope Cover

Front side--opened

I got a new mini laptop for Christmas.  It is perfect for when I am traveling.  No more lugging around the regular (heavy) laptop.  Although I love the larger s,creen of the traditional laptop, the weight of it took its toll on my shoulder.  Now with my little toy, I wanted to keep it protected and thought I could whip up a case for it using left over prequilted scraps that I had.  No specific pattern was used.  Just experimented with the idea.  It is large enough to hold the electrical cord as well.

Here is the front side of my new quilted cover for my mini laptop.  It took me a couple of tries until I got the size I wanted.  The edges are serged.  Then I did a zigzag stitch on the edges.  To reinforce the seams, I then sewed a 1/4 inch topstitching.  The opening edging was reinforced with backstitching.       This is the finished product with the laptop in it.   And here is the sealed envelope.

Front side of cover w/ flap closed

Hope you like it.  I know I do!  Happy sewing all.

Happy National Hobby Month

Did you know that January is known as the National Hobby Month?

The dictionary describes a hobby as an activity or interest pursued outside one’s regular occupation, primarily for pleasure.

A hobby should be enjoyable and something you can stick to.   

Did you know that having a hobby can help you to remain healthy?

Having a hobby can keep you mentally alert, it can reduce your stress level, thereby reducing your blood pressure, and can help you from being depressed.

As you know, I have several hobbies and they all center around needlework.  I love sewing.  When I’m not sewing then I can be found either crocheting or knitting.  These hobbies help me to remain in balance.  They improve my manual dexterity, help to increase my concentration, allows me to develop my creativity, and overall, helps me to remain healthy.

So, if you do not have a hobby then go and look for one.  A hobby can take on many forms.  It does not have to be sedantary it can be physical.  For some it could involve physical activities like hiking, biking, bowling, running, canoeing, etc.  Pursue a hobby it will lead to a more fulfilling life.  Happy National Hobby Month.

Liebster Blog Award

I’d like to thank Morgan of pinsandpatience, pinsandpatience.wordpress.com,  who awarded my blog, redbam,sews.wordpress.com, the Liebster Blog Award.  I humbly accept this award. 

   As a receipent of this award I will comply with its five rules.

1.  Acknowledge the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

2.  Give this award to five other bloggers.  Let them know through a comment on their blog.

3.  Post this wonderful award on your blog.

4.  Bask in glory bestowed on you and appreciate all the amazing bloggers out there.

5.  Enjoy and spread the good vibes about the award.

Here are my five awardees.

1.  Tanit-IsisSews, a courageous seamstress, who adventures into complex projects that I only dream of attempting such as sewing her own pair of jeans.

2.  Stuffstephdoes, a multifacited blogger and sewist, who artfully portrays and shares her many interests that uplifts the daily events in our lives.

3.  ReFashionista, a Good Samaritan Recycler Extraordinaire, who pledges to reinvent discarded clothing items into new pieces and then donating them.

4.  Sewalholic, an adventurous sewist, who has launched her own pattern line, Sewaholic Patterns.

5.  DiligentHousewife, a valient daily chronicler, and member of a noble profession, the homemaker, who reminds me of the wonderful women like my mom.  You are brave to dedicate your life to being a homemaker.

Again, thank you for this award.  I hope this post complies with the rules of this award.


Off to a Slow Start

Well,we are 12 days into a new year and I still have not started any sewing project.  Seems that I am hybernating.  I do hear the my sewing room calling me.  I just need a little more time to vegetate.  Soon, I will be back to my sewing mojo.

I’m tossing around many ideas for possible projects.  Of course, there are a few wardrobe pieces I could whip up for myself.  But, I do not really need anything more for work.  There could also be a few more quilts for Project Linus.

I definitely need to start firming up my sewing goals.

Happy sewing!



I have a few projects on the horizon.  For my Zonta Club, I have a few quilts I need to do for our “Hands are Not for Hitting” project.  I’m being pulled to a couple of baby quilts.  With regard to babies, I’m thinking of making a few more hooded bath towels.  Pics will be posted once these projects are done.