As we close out 2011, I just wanted to reflect back on my accomplishments.  I got back to sewing and as a result believe my overall disposition has improved.  The creativity part of me is now being used which really generates more energy.  I participated in a self-stitiched project which also felt great.

I contributed at least 6 quilts to Project Linus,  I sewed a quilted messenger bag for my duaghter and a cell phone holder for both my neice and I.  I whipped together several aprons that will end up in my Etsy store (some day soon).

 Then I completed two of my bucket list items.  The first was to create a blog (redbamsews.wordpress.com) and to attend a live hockey game.  I discovered several craft sites that help to inspire me such as ravelry.com and craftsy.com.

Sewing then led me to expand my creativity to other needlework escapades.  Several crocheted dishtowels were created and sold (thanks to a dear friend who helps in this area).  I was able to knit a dozen scarves to give away as Christmas presents.

Lastly, I did not forget about taking care of myself so I do a daily challenge that helps me (a self-professed couch potato) to be healthier in mind, body and spirit. 


Thanks everyone for helping me get back to an area of my life that got neglected over the years.


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