Rainy Day Adventures

11-11-11    Dropped by, amidst the rain showers,  and picked up quite a bundle of fabric pieces. They had a great “It’s in the Bag” sale and I took advantage of it. Some pieces were 50% off and for others I received a 20% discount. 🙂

I got several pieces of flannel and several pieces of polyester cotton. Picked up matching bindings. Tommorrow I will serge the raw edges and then wash and dry all pieces. Then it’s off to whipping up Holiday sewing projects. Got two more projects on my TD list. It’s happy sewing for me.

11-12-11  Went back to the fabric store and picked up notions (thread, bias tape, appliques).  Serged all the flannel pieces.  Washed the fabric.  Pics to come soon.  Maybe, tomorrow.


11/14/11—Well I’ve finally gotten to upload pictures of the great savings I got.

  Here are two fabric pieces that have an oriental theme.  I’m contemplating turning these into aprons.  I have about 1 yard of each piece.      and     These are flannel pieces.  I wanted to work on a couple of blankets.  These are for young boys.  There are cowboys and horses all over the pieces.  The mint green is a solid and will work as the back side of each blanket.   Lastly, I couldn’t leave without notions.  I had quite a haul there…..  the cache includes thread, tape binding, and appliques.  The appliques will be put on the side for hooded bathtowels for tykes.

Now, it’s off to generating a to do list.


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