Scotties Abound!



    Here is the finished product.  I turned it in this a.m. to our local Project Linus Collection site.

      Here is the blanket with the quilt binding pinned and ready to sew.


Working on project 1 for Project Linus.    This is a beautiful piece of flannel purchased a couple of weeks ago to make a blanket for a teen ager.  Thought it might be nice for a young male.  I have selected a burgunday color for the bias-tape quilt binding.

Spent the afternoon stitching down the fabric layers so that it would not pull apart.  I have pinned the trim on.  It took just shy of two packages of trim.  Next step is to actually stitch the tape to the blanket.  Will post the end results.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Master Bedroom curtains completed.

bedroom valance  Here is the fabric I selected for this project.  The walls are a pale yellow (like the inside of a banana).  I thought this fabric complemented the walls and would make the windows pop.  Style of the curtains is that of a simple valance.  To make it interesting, I selected a bias trim to apply to the bottom hem.    Here is a pic of the trim.      Here is the final product.  Because I faced the morning sunshine, I tried to capture the valance and not the sunlight.  The trim looks blue, but, it is not.  If I can, when the sunlight permits, capture a better pic of this project I will.

Now, off to the next project.


Redbam’s Haven—beginning stages

So, I’ve adjusted to the shock of relocation.  Working on logistics.  Thought it would be nice to have a row of my machines all in a line and then I can roll from one station to another.  Our first try was to place them under the window so I could utilize the natural light.  This is what it looked like.  Picture taken at night.  Looked doable.

     So in this location, I worked on whipping up the curtains for our master bedroom.  I worked in the mid afternoon.  What a mistake!  Not the time of work nor the project—–the glare was more than I could handle.

So, it’s time to relocate to the another wall.  This room is painted a nice calm blue.  I have wood floors of a honey oak.  The window in the first picture is in the middle of one wall.  All natural lighting flows from it.  See how much illumination exists.  Can you imagine sewing with this facing you?  I couldn’t.

.     This looks like it will be the site of my sewing adventures.  I like this wall.  The light from the window provides ample lighting.  I’ve placed the quilter under the window.  The focal point is my workhorse sewing machine I call Suzie.                Currently, I have a swing lamp clamped to the sewing table.  My hubby will redo the lighting for me as I love sewing when the mood occurs and that can be at night.  Note:  Fabric bundled up is a blanket in progress.  This blanket will go to Project Linus.  (post to follow upon completion.)

To the left of my Suzie will be my sergers.     

Out of site will be my ironing station.  Still haven’t relocated my cutting table but that will come.  I have a wall of closets to work with but that takes time as well.  I think I want a bulletin board if I can figure out where I want it to go.  Of course, shelving is a must.

First steps first.


My sewing area is under construction.   Another renovation project is underway.  My wonderful hubby is helping me with the relocation of my sewing room.  We will be converting a bedroom into my sewing room.  So, instead of working in the area adjacent to our bedroom, I will have my own space.  My own little Niche!  My own haven!

To make sure that I do not go into sewing withdrawals, my amazing man is making sure that I have a temporary work station.  I am able to work in the new site while it is being put into shape.    This will allow me to sew.  To the outside world it may look like my world is in topsy-turvy,  is not a project that will be rushed and we can anticipate construction to go on for a long haul.  I am happy because I will be able to sew in this new space whenever I want.

Fabric Stash Grows

Today our local fabric store, Discount Fabric Store, had a large sale.    Came home with a small bundle of fabric.  A couple of pieces of flannel material to whip up into blankets for Project Linus.  Here is the first piece.

Blanket 1–a flannel piece of puppy dogs.    There is enough fabric here that I can make both sides using this one piece.  I am thinking I’d like to trim this blanket with double fold, extra wide, burgundy bias tape.

Blanket 2–another flannel blanket will take shape.  This one will have one side being a field of coral stars on a peach colored background.    The flip side of this blanket will look like this.    Not sure what color of bias tape trim I will use for this one.  I have a stash of bias trim so I am going to use the color that I have enough packages of.

These blankets will be donated as part of our Project Linus Drive on November 5, 2011.   Looking forward to happy sewing.

Orange Medallion Yoked Dress

 The Self-Stitched September 2011 Challenge is done.  My journey is chronicalled on a separate page dedicated just to this challenge.  It feels good to have participated in this challenge.   Here is what the dress looks like from a full view.    Sorry, I’m not wearing it, but, here it is on the hanger after being laundered.

Full front view


Recharging Under Way!

    Yesterday, was the last day of our first quarter.  As dawn broke this a.m. so started our Fall Intercession.  Yippee!!!  Its time to recharge ourselves.   🙂

First on the list is rest and relaxation and absolutely no guilt feelings.  So says the sage as evidenced in this quote–“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a  summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float  across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”  ~J. Lubbock

    Hubby and I begin our vacation tomorrow.

Sewing is not forgotten.  Spent day ordering patterns online.  They should arrive by the time our vacation is over.

With renewed energies, new patterns, and perhaps new fabric; the zing of the sewing machine will fall upon the gentle Hawaiian breezes.

Aloha for now.