New Life for School Shirt

School Shirt Dress   Fridays in Hawaii are known as Aloha Fridays.  The beauty of Aloha Fridays call for a more casual attire using Hawaiian print.  Like most elementary schools, we, too, have school shirts.  To build school spirit,  Wednesdays are devoted to school shirt day.  So everyone in the school wears tee-shirts on Wednesdays.  My challenge was how to demonstrate school spirit while wearing an outfit that is appropriate for the school principal. So, when I whipped up this outfit it was to meet the demands of these two days.  I took the adult version of our school shirt and converted it into a dress.  It took me a while to find a Hawaiian print to match (perservance and diligence helped in the hunt). I wanted the fabric to match the band going across the chest of the tee shirt.   I added a skirt to the bottom of the tee shirt.  It is placed at the hip area.  The hem was cut off.  Ribbing was eliminated from the sleeves and instead a fabric band was added.  I removed the ribbing from the neckline and added a mandarin color.  Presto!  Transformation occurred.  Now, I have an outfit for either School Shirt Wednesday or Aloha Friday.  This outfit is a couple of years old.  I guess it qualifies as a refashioning.  Didn’t realize that at the time.  It’s a good thing I went closet hunting.  Thanks SSS ’11 for giving me a reason to look for it.


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