Off track!

My last post was several days ago.  I got a pencil skirt cut and that’s about all.  I will have to mark the darts and then I will be ready to start sewing.  For some reason I seemed to have run out of steam and power.  In my attempt to do this, I keep tracking my food intake as well as my activities.  My goal is to spend at least a minimum of 20 minutes on my glider or walking.   Maybe, I need to become more childlike.  I probably need to laugh more.  Few great friends are helping in this respect.  Sewing will resume soon.

What’s next?

The next project on my sewing agenda is a pencil skirt.  Pencil Skirt    I selected this New Look pattern. The gray skirt in the middle of the picture is the one I will be making.  The fabric will be a deep moss green twill.  Pattern was laid out.  Tomorrow, I’ll cut it out and then begins the sewing.  Will keep you posted.

New Life for School Shirt

School Shirt Dress   Fridays in Hawaii are known as Aloha Fridays.  The beauty of Aloha Fridays call for a more casual attire using Hawaiian print.  Like most elementary schools, we, too, have school shirts.  To build school spirit,  Wednesdays are devoted to school shirt day.  So everyone in the school wears tee-shirts on Wednesdays.  My challenge was how to demonstrate school spirit while wearing an outfit that is appropriate for the school principal. So, when I whipped up this outfit it was to meet the demands of these two days.  I took the adult version of our school shirt and converted it into a dress.  It took me a while to find a Hawaiian print to match (perservance and diligence helped in the hunt). I wanted the fabric to match the band going across the chest of the tee shirt.   I added a skirt to the bottom of the tee shirt.  It is placed at the hip area.  The hem was cut off.  Ribbing was eliminated from the sleeves and instead a fabric band was added.  I removed the ribbing from the neckline and added a mandarin color.  Presto!  Transformation occurred.  Now, I have an outfit for either School Shirt Wednesday or Aloha Friday.  This outfit is a couple of years old.  I guess it qualifies as a refashioning.  Didn’t realize that at the time.  It’s a good thing I went closet hunting.  Thanks SSS ’11 for giving me a reason to look for it.

Refashioned Tee

Here’s the follow-up to a previous post on the refashioning project.  I decided to take a simple sleeveless tee and re-fashion it with a crocheted yoke.  I stumbled across the directions during one of my restless moods.  I had saved the directions in a binder for future use.  Who would think this would be it.

First step was to crochet the yoke.  Selected a turquoise or teal color which is different for me, but, I thought it would match the existing palette of my wardrobe.  Once the yoke was done, I pressed it (steamed press) to block it.  Then I worked on the body of the tee.  Next step was to stitch the two pieces together to make a new top.  Here are the photos outlining the process.

Original tee shirt

Figuring out the placement for the new yoke.

After measuring out placement cut off the neckline area.

Create a hem for the upper body edge.


The embleshments were appliqued butterflies.  They helped to spruce up an otherwise plain crocheted yoke.

Self-stitched September Journey Continues….

Keep checking my page entitled Self-Stitched September for the running log of my journal.  Pics and brief descriptions are posted for each entry.  Hope you enjoy it.

Project Update—–Peaking Your Interest—Work In Progress

What’s Redbam up to?

Refashioning Tee  Here’s the  front page of a Coats & Clark Directions Flyer.  I’m working on refashioning a sleeveless-tee and I decided to add a crocheted yoke to it.  Can you guess what color it will be?  See today’s post (9/22/11) to see the final color and the outcome of this project.

Let me know what you think of the final project.

Splash of Color Hooded Towel

Thought I’d work on a project for my grand niece.  She loves swimming in her pool.  Perfect for a life in Hawaii, a paradise surrounded by water.  I thought I’d share how I did this hooded bath towel as well as the final outcome.  Let me know what you think of it.

Materials needed:  1 bathtowel of desired size.  1 matching hand towel.  2 packages double folded bias tape, matching thread, and an assortment of appliques of your choice.

  Here is the finished project.  I used a lime double fold bias tape to trip all of the edges.  Scattered applique flowers to enhance it.  Now for a closer look….

Below are the steps I used.  I worked on each towel segment separately.  Once the two main parts of trimmed with bias tape, join them in one seam.  I used a zigzag stitch so that everything lays flat.

Now for more pictures showing how I sewed the hooded towel.

First cut hand towel in half lengthwise. Trim off the prepared trim leaving raw edges. These will be covered by the bias trim. You will end up with two smaller rectangles. Use one and keep the other piece for another hooded towel.

Working with one of the smaller rectangle fold edges so that you have one seam edge. Sew seam. Open seam and finish with a zigzag stitch so seam lies flat. Open up smaller rectangle into a triangle with the seam as the center back.

Apply bias team to all edges of each piece.

Follow same steps for body of towel

Once all of the trim has been completed.  Center the hood on the body section and stitch together.  See second photo.  The Hooded Towel is now completed.  The last step consisted of sewing on the floral appliques.


Shashiko Embroidery

Shashiko embroidered tee was a gift bestowed to me from a dear friend who is perfecting her talent in this new craft.  Check out the design. 

Shashiko embroidery is a traditional style of Japanese needlework.  It is centuries old.  The themes usually depict flowers, ornamental shrubbery like bamboo, and repeated pattern stitches resembling waves.  A basic running stitch is used to create the deisred effect.  I love this new piece.  Thank you my dear friend.

Self-Stitched September continues …

  This weekend I did not have the opportunity to wear something that I had previously made.  So, perhaps, one could say that I took a cat nap and when I awake energized on Monday morning (9/12/11) I will be wearing another redbamsews creation.


Simple Shift on Horizon

       Decided to work on a simple short-sleeved shift for my next sewing project.  So, what’s it going to look like.  Its going to be a 1989 Simple Misses’ Dress from the Simplicity Pattern Sew Simple Collection.
Pattern selected–Simplicity Pattern– Sew Simple Pattern.  It is supposed to be a pullover dress with a tie belt.  Will be making a few changes to the pattern.              

Fabric selected—a burgundy and coral Hawaiian print polyester cotton.

Fabric cut out


9/11/11–Finished this dress and will be wearing it to work tomorrow.   I this pattern because it represents a simple versatile dress that perhaps, could be replicated in different fabrics.  I will not belt it so I added waist darts.  The neckline was a bit too wide so I inserted 2 1/4-inch tucks.  Coral and burgundy simple a-line shift

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