Country Rose Throw

I stumbled onto this pattern from a blog called,  It was on her post entitled, The Midwife Blanket.  I found it to be quite adorable so I wanted to make it.  I made a sample of the pattern and here is what it looked like.

Midwife Blanket  I love the open lacy squares.  The pattern says to ch 118.  I wanted to make my blanket a bit bigger so that it was a throw.  I had to do some math to figure out how many chains to make my foundation chain.  My foundation chain was made of 150 chains.  When factoring the size remember that this pattern is in multiples of 16.

I used the one-pounder of Red Heart Yarn from my yarn stash.  I had about 1.75 skeins.  I also used a F hook.  The color is Country Rose.  My finished sized is 44 by 64 inches. Since I was using yarn from my stash, I knew I wouldn’t have enough of the Country Rose color.  So, I used left over winter white for part of the edging.  I also made a bigger fan for the edging.  Then to tie it all in, I ended with a row of single crochet. Here is what the finished throw looked like.

IMG_0597  I am including a close up of the edging so you can get a better idea of what I did.


I love this pattern and will make another throw.  If you want this pattern, please get it from the above-mentioned blog.  It is a copy righted pattern, so please do not duplicate it or publish it unless you get permission.


Road Trip 2016 Second Project

The second project for this road trip was a knitted blanket.  I used a different type of yarn this time.  IMG_0496 I was intrigued with this yarn as it was multi-textured.  I wanted to make a lap blanket.  The yarn is Bernat Baby Bundle and each skein is 8.8 oz.  I used a 10.5 circular knitting needles and used a simple garter stitch.  This project took 5 skeins and the finished size is 50 by 55 inches.

Here is the finished project.

Blanket Yellow Mist

Don’t you just love the textured effect.  The blanket is finished in a single single crochet edge.  I used this edging to make the edges sturdier.

Road Trip 2016 Project

We went on a cross-country road trip from Nevada to Missouri to visit my younger daughter.  To keep myself occupied in the car as we journeyed round trip, I like to work on craft projects.  Usually, it will be either a knit or crochet project.

Prior to the start of our trip, I gathered my supplies and then started two different projects.  One project was a crochet blanket.  I used the Sultan Stitch, which is also called a cup cake stitch.  This project was made with Red Heart Yarn.  Color is coral and I used a D hook.

cupcake stitch

This is a swatch of what the Sultan/Cup Cake stitch looked like.

Here is the finished blanket

Sultan stitch blanket

It measured 39 inches by 58 inches.  I trimmed it with a border of a row of a V stitch and then a row of a simple fan.  The fan was placed in the opened space of the V stitch. Here is a close up of the border.

Sultan Stitch close up

Cacti Embroidery Hoop Art

Every little tike who lives in the southwest would love to add this trio to  their bedroom decor.  They are so easy to create.  You make your circle just a bit larger that the hoop it will set in once completed. To prevent the  muslin circle from raveling, I like to serge the edges.  Then you just transfer the design using a washable pen from any pattern.  I used a child’s coloring book to get these.  Using simple embroidery stitches and vivid-colored floss, you just let your creativity soar.  Once the embroidery is done, I add a felt backing and re-serge the edges to provide a neat finish.  As I surge the finishing edge, I add a 3 inch ribbon loop.


I like to group my art in a set of three.  So, this is what the cacti trio would look like.  Having a set of three allows you to arrange them  anyway that is pleasing to the eye.

Cacti Trio

Whimsy Cowboy Trio

Embroidery Hoop Project #2 is perfect for a little cowboy’s room.  These were embroidered and finished with a felt backing.  The ribbon hanger is attached when each circle was serged.

The beauty of working with a set of three is that you can arrange them in any order that is pleasing.  They could be used to decorate the corner of a wall that might be set up for reading or an art center.

Whimsy Cowboys

Fashion Ladies

Decided to switch from knitting to embroidery.  Hence, I focused on embroidery hoop artwork.  Although this project is not quite done, I was so excited with the results that I just had to post them

I wanted to create something a bit different so I decided to feature 20th century ladies of fashion.  Two of the ladies are wearing the fashions of the 1920s.  The ladies are dressed to enjoy an wonderful evening out.

I chose to encase them in nine-inch oval wooden embroidery hoops so as to fully capture the beauty of their outfits.

The third piece of artwork features the 1950s.  This lady is wearing a shirt-waist dress with a full skirt and flats.


This trio would make a cute gift for a teenage fashionista.

So, I worked on the finishing of this trio of fashionista embroidery hoop project.  I backed each oval with a felt backing serging the edges.  I added a three-inch ribbon hanger to the top of each piece.  Now, they are finished.  Here’s what they look like.

Trio of Fashion Ladies

This set would look great around a teenager’s reading or homework center.  They would also look great above a closet.

Chunky Baby Blanket

Chunky Baby Blanket

What a wonderful feeling it was to have completed this knitting experiment with Chunky Yarn.  This was my first experience with Bernat Super Bulky Yarn. This yarn is soft and cuddly.  The color is Little Sandcastles.  I used size 11 straight knitting needles and cast on 88 stitches.  This blanket was worked in garter stitch.  I used two 10.5 ounce skeins to complete this project.  After blocking the baby blanket measured 40 by 40 inches.  It will make some little one feel nice and cozy.


Multiple Knitted Projects

I am currently occupied with two different knitting projects.  The first is a baby blanket using Bernat Baby Chunky Yard, in a charming color, Little Sand Castles.  It is a very soft and cuddly yarn.  I am using Size 11, straight, knitting needles.  My cast on row was 88 stitches and I am using garter stitch for the pattern.  The 88 stitches makes a 36-inch width.  I am planning to knit it until I have a 36-inch length.

Once I’ve bound off and block, I’m sure this baby blanket will increase to a 38 x 38 inch blanket.

The second knitted project is an adult-size afghan using Buttercream Rainbow Boucle in a Honeysuckle color.  For this project I’m using a szie 8 circular needle.


I love the texture of this yarn.  This one is done using garter stitch.  It just is taking a longer time to complete as it is quite large.  When I’m working on a large project, I like to break up the monotony by working on smaller projects.  This way I can stay motivated.

Turquoise Baby Delight

Finished knitting a baby afghan as a gift for a friend of ours.  This project was made in a basket weave pattern of alternating blocks (multiples of 8 stitches) in knit and purl stitches.  The afghan has a 1.5 inch border in seed stitch.  I used Big Twist  Rainbow Classic Yarn (11oz skein).  I like to make my baby afghans large enough to be used into the toddler years.  This one measures 45 by 45 inches.  Our friend loved it and it is our wish that the new born baby boy will be warm and content in it.

Expanding My Horizons!

I have an announcement!  announcing
I wrote a children’s book entitled “Bekah’s First Adventure.” Yep!  You heard me.  I wrote a book!  I did it.
Bekah's 1st Adventure
Luckily for me, it was accepted for publication by The Larry Czerwonka, Company. a publishing company located in Hilo, Hawaii.  We are so happy with our puppy, Bekah, and how well she adjusted to her adoption that I wanted to capture this in a children’s book.  It should be out soon!  I will keep you posted on this production process. It can be purchased from the publisher directly.  An e-book version will be out on Amazon.

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