Happy Fourth of July

Enjoying this day with my family. Wishing everyone who reads this post a very Happy and safe Fourth of July.
4th of July

4th of J

4th of July 2

Crafting in July

Resumed a knitting project that was set aside due to the move. This one is a baby blanket in an off white yarn. I wanted to do something whimsical. I love giving a new born the little book called the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar. So when I stumbled across the stitch called the caterpillar stitch, I had no choice but to give it a try.

I don’t have a picture of my project yet as it is in progress, but, I found this picture on line showing the picture. This stitch is a textured stitch and is just made using the knit and purl stitch.
caterpillar knitting stitch

Finally finished this blanket last night. I used two One Pound skeins of Natura Yarn. Color is Pure Fisherman. The finished size is 44 x 52 inches.

Caterpillar Army

Close up of the caterpillar stitch. Kept the weave closed when blocked to create a different effect.

caterpillar stitch

Airy Green Afghan

V-stitch afghan

Just finished working on a crocheted afghan using the V-stitch for the body. This stitch creates a lacy effect that is light and airy. The edging was made using a fan stitch. My afghan measures 50 inches by 56 inches. I used 5 skeins of Red Heart Yarn (Paddy Green), from my yarn stash, to make this afghan. I used a D crochet hook.

Here’s what the edging looks like.
Fan edging

Touch of Country

After searching resources for a home decor idea, I decided I wanted to add a bit of country to our family room. I was intrigued with the use of burlap. Did not realize that burlap came in so many different colors. Since I was looking at window treatments, I settled on a coffee colored brown. I also thought it would be best that I use valances instead of full panels. I played with the idea of using pleats, but, when I hung up a sample I did not like the look. The pleats created a shadow effect because of the weave. Hence, I went back to the traditional pocket valance. To soften the look, I added a touch of white cotton flat lace.

val valance with lace

Guest Bathroom Goes Patriotic

Keeping in the spirit of patriotism, I made a table skirt and basket liner.

Guest bath table

guest bath arrangement

I used the left over flowers to make an arrangement that sits on the toilet tank.

Wreaths Goes Patriotic

So, I wanted to get ready for sprucing up the house for summer. Decided I would go for the patriotic look. This was my first attempt.

Getting Ready for Summer

Getting Ready for Summer

After letting it sit over night, I decided that I did not like this look. So, I added a blue bow.

Added a blue bow  in an attempt to enhance the look.

Added a blue bow in an attempt to enhance the look.

Still did not like this look.

Next step, dissembled everything and started over.
Wreath 1 finished Liked this one much better. Don’t you agree?

Now, onto the next wreath …

Wreath 2 finished

Wreath 2 finished

Wreath 3 finished

Wreath 3 finished

Wreath 4 finished

Wreath 4 finished

With the completion of this project, I am moving on to the next home decor project. I need to sew a table skirt for the guest bathroom and make two floral arrangements. Pictures to follow upon completion.

Added a few more wreaths.
Front door wreath

red bow wreath

small wreath

Puppy Portrait


Thought I’d experiment with an embroidery project capturing our puppy. I’m pleased with the results. What do you think?

Embroidery Hoop Art–Sewing Theme

My creative focus for the last few weeks has been on sprucing up my sewing room. The medium I chose was embroidery hoop artwork. Of course, the theme of the pieces will be sewing. I chose 7 inch embroidery hoops for the frames. Each piece is worked on a 7.5 inch circle. I serge the circle edges so that there is no raveling as I do the embroidery work. Then I back each piece with a felt circle and then I serge the hem again. I attach a ribbon loop to the top and then place the piece in the hoop.






Second Heart Baby Blanket

003 004  I liked  this pattern so much that I made a second blanket.  Blanket measures 36 inches by 36 inches.  Left off the ribbon trim but one can easily be added.  This is a quickie project.

Filet Heart Baby Blanket

Filet Heart Blanket

Yellow Filet Heart Blanket

Wanted to make a baby blanket using a new pattern. Found a picture of a filet heart and then figured out how it was made. I wanted the baby blanket to be about 36 x 36 inches, so I made my foundation chain and then started crocheting the filet pattern. I separated each row of hearts with 3 rows of open filet. Used a fan pattern for the trim. Added a gray ribbon with a bow on one corner as a finishing touch.

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