Hop Scotch Mat

Got the idea of the Hop Scotch Mat from a pin. The original pin was hot glued to a piece of canvas. I made the mat using muslin. The mat is 90 inches long. The mat was sewed in a pillowcase fashion. A pocket-type bag was added to one end to hold the bean bags.



To keep the mat from slipping I added squares of sleeper gripers to the underside of the mat. The numbers were cut from felt and sewed onto 10 inch squares and were evenly spaced and sewed onto the top side of the mat.



The mat is made portable by rolling it up and putting on the handle. The handle resembles the handles used with yoga mats.

Christmas Touches to the Powder Room

Used a rectangular baskets with a slip cover insert to hold guest towels for our visitors' use.

Used a rectangular baskets with a slip cover insert to hold guest towels for our visitors’ use.

Wanted to dress up the guest powder room with Christmas Cheer.  So, I placed a stool in the corner and made a table skirt for it with this plaid fabric purchased from Hancock Fabric. I cut the table skirt to the desired length and then sewed a simple rolled hem.  Then topped it with this bushel basket and that will be receptacle for the used guest towels. Guest Powder Room    I want to thank my girlfriend, Elaine Christian, for this idea.

Quick Trip to New Orleans

There is absolutely nothing better than a Fall wedding. A few days ago, we had the honor to be guests at our nephew’s wedding. This joyous event allowed us to get together with my husband’s family. It was a glorious event. Great fellowship, great food, and great city attractions. In just a day we got to see the Riverfront, the French Quarter and tasted Cajun cuisine.

The beautiful and happy couple … Gavin & Stacey

The bride’s bouquet and guest favors made by her mom .. Beautiful Bouquet


Some of the sites … 050

The Trolley and The Trolley Stop … 4564840954_62312cf145_b


Trolley Stop Cafe exterior

Trolley Stop Cafe

Generating My Christmas Gift List

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Decided that if I am going to giving handmade Christmas gifts then I need to get started. So, I am in the process of making my list and looking at what materials I have on hand. Then I need to decide on what type of project (gift idea) and start.

Santa's Elf

Santa’s Elf

Some of the gifts will require sewing, sewing cat,

Some will require embroidery,embroidery 2,

and there may be one or two that require knitting and or crochet knitting

So, the planning stage has begun.

Scrub Top Salvage Campaign

In my previous post, I shared the Halloween scrubs that were saved through alterations. I borrowed the technique used in the Kardashian line with the contour bands. Now, I have finished the last three scrubs that were in my to-do-stack. These were Christmas themed scrub tops.

I added a black band to this one, which was a store-bought top. See how it looks:

Side view

Side view

????????????????? This is a frontal view of this top.

The other two, originally, had a solid red contrast trim so I used a contouring red band on these.




Think these turned out quit well

Scrub Campaign Alterations

My daughter asked me if I could come to her rescue. She realized that the scrub tops I previously sewed needed to have a little bit more ease to them. She needed the ease so her movements would not be restricted when helping to take care of the pet patients in their veterinarian clinic. There were three Halloween scrubs, one novelty print scrub and three Christmas scrubs. I tackled and finished alterations on the three Halloween scrub tops and the one novelty print scrub top. The Christmas ones will be done a bit later. Luckily, I still had remnants of the original fabric pieces so I added a band to each side seam. Here is an example of what the alterations look like.

????????????????????     This is what the finished project looks like when hung on a hanger. The side band is about 1.25 inches wide and runs the entire side seam.

????????????????????????  I put the finished scrub top on my sewing mmannequinto give me a better feel of how the band who lay.

Since I had additional fabric of the contrast, I added a band onto the side seam.

Since I had additional fabric of the contrast, I added a band onto the side seam.

Fall Decorating

This is our first Fall in our Nevada home. So as we unpacked and organized our belongings, I pulled out my Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. Then as we did our cross-county road trip, we stopped at antique malls along the way. We found a few additions to add to our collection of Fall Decor. Let’s have a peak at what we did.









New Scrub


Made a new scrub for my daughter. Novelty print and teal trim.

Hi! Ho! Hi! Ho! We are on the road again!

Quilt Squares to keep me occupied while on our latest road trip

Quilt Squares to keep me occupied while on our latest road trip


Dug out these quilt squares to work on as we travel across country. This phase involves hand appliqueing the cream squares to the larger green ones. Each green square has been serged.

Embroidery Hoop Doily Wall Art


This is a wonderful idea. I definitely want to try making this project. Thanks for sharing.

Originally posted on adisoninmadison:

I’m collecting doilies to create table runners for my wedding reception. The big day is still  a year and a half away, and it seems a shame to keep all that lacy goodness boxed up until then. So I’ve found a way to display some of my favorite pieces! It’s very inexpensive, both the doilies and the embroidery hoops can be found easily at thrift stores. I’ve never paid more than a dollar for one. This is so easy that it almost doesn’t warrant a tutorial, but I’ll give you one anyway for those folks who prefer step by step instructions to winging it.



Brightly colored thread or embroidery floss


Wooden embroidery hoops


1. Choose an embroidery hoop and doily that are roughly the same size, the hoop should be a bit smaller. Stretch the doily onto the hoop, although not too tight since your doily may…

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